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Our history
Everyone starts small - like us. Step by step, we are turning our shared vision into something great. We invite you to explore our project WE-HELP in these words and pictures.

Rebecca's Story
My younger brothers and I became orphans when were young children and life for us was a struggle - one which not all of us survived. In 2019, after 24 years in Germany I revisited my homeland for the first time in many years.
While I was there I found that my story was still happening to other children. To try and stop this cycle continuing we are working together to offer young people hope for the future.
This is what inspired me to start this aid project, and with the help of good friends we are now making a real difference in the lives of the children from my home village. 

Our Vision

Our vision is a simple one, but it is also very powerful. To provide a reliable, nutritious meal for the children of my village each day. Freed from the fear of hunger the children are then able to attend school.  Education is the key to a brighter future both for them and for their people; and that makes the world a better place for all of us!

We are only a small charity but this is for us a real strength. It allows us to concentrate on a single local project in place we know well, and to work towards our vision in an efficient and effective way. 
Special thanks to Rev Canon Jeffry Smith

Would you like to share your knowledge or skills with the local people here?  Would you like to play an active hands on part in our future developments and building projects? 

Do you have horticultural or agricultural skills or can you bake bread in a home-made wood fired oven?

If so we would welcome your help. There is still so much to be done to give people hope and the inspiration to learn life skills that will help them to become self-sufficient. 

If you don't have the time to spare but would like to support our project you can still help by making a financial donation. Or you might wish to become a god-parent to one of the local children. Sponsoring a child and being kept regularily informed of their progress and the difference that your help has made in their lives. 
Whatever you can do to help we give you our word that every penny donated will reach those who need it the most.
Thank you very much.

A network of the heart and mind. Together 

Urgent projects

We are working to build an enclosed chicken coop to protect our poultry.

The replanting of fruit and shade trees is a priority for us.

Garden tools and seeds are urgently needed for the vegetable garden. 

We also need more tables and benches for our eating area and more plates and cutlery for the children.

There is no electricity  but the main line is close by and with your help we will be able to get connected.

New cookware and gas stoves will give us as an alternative to cooking with charcoal and help stop local deforestation.

Paper, writing and art implements, handicraft materials, and  games for the children are all needed.

Personal hygine items like soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and shampoo, make a real difference.